Rarible Stones – exclusive NFT’s + Design

They are NFT’s oriented to Architecture and Interior Design offices.

The rare underground fungus, which occurs in the Italian region of Alba, in Piedmont, in the condition of rainy autumns, creates the specific conditions for the best and tasty truffles.

A marble or a rare natural stone also occurs in specific regions, and its formation has volcanic, sedimentary organic and mineral origins over thousands of years. They are unique and finite.

Truffles are rare and complex to prepare. And they are appreciated and highly valued by the best chefs around the world.

And so are the NFT’s that are part of the Gallery, RaribleStones. A token with a connection to the real world:

Each NFT (image, gif or video) is the digital certificate of authenticity of a block of natural stone. Just like a certificate of a work of art.

Each NFT will contain its origin and dimensions. The purchase of NFT integrates the support of Zidea Design Studio, for the orientation of the transformation of the block of natural stone in slabs, in bathtubs, in floors, in pieces of covering, in sinks, in fireplaces, in exclusive pieces of design.

The experience of professionals at Zidea Design Studio, coordinated by designer Ludson Zampirolli, facilitates communication through Generative Design, 3D modeling and parameterization using Rhino and Grasshopper in design solutions.

And the ecstasy of NFT for Architecture and Interior Design offices is Zidea’s support in the execution of the project by CNC machines for natural stones. They are waterjet machines, CNC monowire with 05 axes, cnc lathes, routers and bridge saws with 03, 04 and 05 axes. Result of Ludson Zampiroli’s true passion for machines and stones.