NFT Concepts

Blockchain, File Hash, NFT’s, Metaverse, Virtual Reality and the like are the topic of the moment and the opportunity of the future.

Designer Ludson Zampirolli minted the 1st NFT of a natural stone product: Sea_Sink, in partnership with Polita Natural Stone and its rare stone stock.

The NFT that a Zidea develops

The quality and type of NFT file that Zidea produces and mint can be applied:

*in Metaverse games and cross-platform projects

*in 3D and Virtual Reality projects by Architects, Interior Designers, Design Stores and Boutiques etc.

*a smart contract

“Digital Twin”

It is the concept that we apply to the NFT that originates from a real, unique and authentic product.

A Zidea lança NFT’s como “Gêmeo Digital”. O NFT da Zidea é um arquivo 3D, resultado do scaneamento Zidea launches NFT’s as “Digital Twin”. Zidea’s NFT is a 3D file, the result of scanning a real product. It is not just a file with 3D volumetry, but also the unique and authentic colors and veins of a natural stone make up the 3D of Zidea. The authenticity principle of NFT is analogous to Natural Stones.

The first sale of a Zidea NFT has the material benefit of the Real, Original, 1st and authentic Product.


“The Separation of the Twins”

The Digital Twin (the NFT) and the Physical Twin (the Real Product) may break the bond after the first sale.

That’s because the NFT can be sold by the person who bought it, adding or restricting benefits, according to each NFT valuation strategy. This trading condition of the NFT is infinite. And often, the possibilities of the digital and the metaverse are different from the conditions of the physical product.


“the NFT of concept projects”

It is a category of NFT’s that are still only projects and ideas, but which are fully executed by Zidea. These are crazy projects and ideas that were developed, but that were often not approved by customers at that particular time. The reasons can be financial, style, available technology, etc. This happens quite often with Ludson Zampiroli, who always looks ahead of time…

The NFT blockchain is authorship, immutable insurance. So we made NFT public where the world can look, appreciate, understand, communicate and buy. The purchase and monetization generate conditions to execute the idea/project. And Zidea has this execution competence, coordinated by Ludson Zampirolli.

The NFT of concept projects will bring about a new era of design, products and services. This concept provides new opportunities for other Architects, Designers and Artists to securely publish their wildest ideas via NFT’s. We hope that these professionals also get in touch with Zidea, as we execute (stones and robotics).


“Rarible Stones _ limited blocks for special designs”

A selection of the RaribleStones Brazilian stones presented as NFT with the concept of “Digital Twin”: Videos and photos of rare natural stone blocks with dimensions and application suggestions. The first way to integrate the best architectural offices in the world in the selection of a rare, limited, finite and unique natural stone, to compose a specific project. Zidea’s support, coordinated by Ludson Zampiroli, indicates the best processes in the entire production chain. And the best connection of natural stone industries in Brazil, with the best CNC machines and professionals in Brazil and Italy. Always, with the language of architecture and interior design, using Rhino, Grasshopper and generative design thinking for production with CNC machines. The direct contact with Designer Ludson Zampiroli is +55 27 98135-0029 (whatsapp/weechat).