Zidea is a Design studio that produces, launches and sells NFT’s. With a constant activity of creating NFT’s inserted in PROJECTS and STRATEGIES that bring a value and a meaning in this new behavior of society.

Sea_Sink: The first NFT released by Zidea as a Digital Twin Project. A partnership with Polita Natural Stones. Available on Opensea

Click on to know the 1º NFT in Fuori Saloni 2022.

The NFT’s launched by Zidea integrate a great experience in Professional Design, which includes from 3D modeling, parametric algorithms, the entire production cycle of natural stones from Brazil, CNC machines and the competence of management and execution. Zidea’s production authority and competence presents NFT’s based on long-term benefits. As it is scarce, rare and unique/finite, it tends to be valued.

Your NFT

Coordinated by Ludson Zampirolli, Zidea integrates different and special professionals, always excellent. Reputation takes place in renowned Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design offices in several countries. NFT’s utilities for METAVERSE environments, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Projects, videos, stamps and other possibilities that this technological trend gives us for a unique experience, which may even be real.

NFT’s and Zidea Concepts

Zidea’s competence in execution integrates a network: PROJECT – MATERIAL – TECHNOLOGY – MINDS


2 and 3D with Rhino, Parameterization with Grasshopper, and a passion for algorithms and geometry.


The natural stones of Brazil. We participate in all production processes and research of various Brazilian stones, in quarries, in the selection of blocks and in the entire processing domain up to the final consumer. “This is how we identify what is rare and most important for each project.”


This is Zidea’s passion: CNC machines and robotics. Algorithms that integrate engines, geometry, tools with the best customization and production performance. And it all adds up to Communication and Information Technologies.

These topics are often discussed at Zidea with people who really do things differently. Just analyze our ideas, our releases. We are always ahead!

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